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Business Communications Course


If you are running your own business or working in a business environment, you know that effective communication is a vital skill. When interacting with colleagues, clients, and business partners, it’s crucial that you be able to communicate your position clearly and concisely. When thousands or even millions of dollars are at stake, or something even more priceless—your reputation, effective communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

In this course you’ll learn how to create and structure all types of written business communications, from memos and letters to reports and marketing text. You’ll learn how to give your readers the information they need to understand and accept your point of view. To round out your educational experience, our instructional movies on DVD give you tips and valuable advice from business professionals on everything from business presentations to dressing for success. If you’re motivated and you want to enhance your professional image and skills, our Business Communications course is the best choice for you.

Student Testimonial

“I’m enclosing a copy of my first published article in MBS, for which I am pleased to say, I have already received their first payment. As I’m sure you can appreciate, it was quite a thrill to see my rambling thoughts typeset in a national trade magazine. MBS has asked me to turn it into a four-part series, which they intend to run this fall and winter. In addition, they accepted my suggestion for an article on gas fireplaces and I am presently developing it. So far, they’ve offered me between $1500 and $2000 for all these pieces. Overall, when I calculate the time it takes me to pump out these articles, I’m earning about $100 per hour!”

Lance O’Hearn
Business Communications

Course Outline

The following topics are covered through our extensive course package:

  1. Writing Effectively
  2. Language Structure
  3. Revision
  4. The Memo
  5. The Business Letter
  6. The Report
  7. The Newsletter
  8. Presentations
  9. Meetings
  10. Advertising Copy
  11. Proposals
  12. Technical Writing
  13. Effective Communication
  14. Essential Elements
  15. Forms and Templates

Business Communications Course Guarantee

You get a full money-back guarantee for all of our writing programs. You can take the time to review the course materials in your home for 21 days. If for any reason you decide the course is not right for you, simply send everything back to the School and we’ll issue you a full refund—no questions asked.

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