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Romance Writing Course

Do you enjoy being swept away in tales of love and romance? Does your heart skip a beat when two star-crossed lovers overcome all obstacles and seal their union with a passionate embrace? If you want to use your talents to write heart-stopping accounts of love found, lost, and won, this is the course for you.

With elements of love, conflict, and a touch of adventure, romance writing is always exciting. Our course shows you how to take your creative ideas and mould them into the fairly strict formats most publishers want to see. Editors are constantly clamoring for new, quality material so there is a huge market of opportunity for someone who has a talent for writing romance—someone just like you.

Our Romance Writing course shows you, step by step, how to take an idea and turn it into a publishable manuscript. You’ll learn how to create dynamic characters, how to build dramatic tension, and how to use sensual words and phrases to draw readers into your story. Once you understand how to write romance that sells, you’ll have a satisfying and lucrative career ahead of you.

Student Testimonial

“In a short time you have helped me enhance my writing skills and develop the confidence to market my work. Thanks to the School, I no longer feel isolated in my writing goals. With my tutor’s direction and encouragement I now believe I am capable of becoming a successful, well-paid writer. The course material and personal interest have surpassed my wildest expectations. It was worth every cent and so much more. Thank you.”

Coralie Darsey-Malloy
Romance Writing

Course Outline

The following topics are covered through our extensive course package:

  1. Choosing the Right Words
  2. Character Development
  3. Getting Inspired
  4. Marketing Your Ideas
  5. Creating a Plot Outline
  6. Developing Your Plot
  7. Using the Right Tools
  8. Grabbing Attention
  9. Writing Your First Chapter
  10. Maintaining Tension
  11. The Editing Process
  12. Choosing Names and Titles
  13. Dealing with Copyright
  14. Sensual Words
  15. Revealing Thoughts on Paper
  16. The Process of Rewriting
  17. The Role of Research
  18. Selling Your Outline
  19. Working with Editors
  20. Presenting Your Manuscript

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Romance Writing Course Guarantee

You get a full money-back guarantee for all of our writing programs. You can take the time to review the course materials in your home for 21 days. If for any reason you decide the course is not right for you, simply send everything back to the School and we’ll issue you a full refund—no questions asked.

Double Guarantee

The Romance Writing course is also covered by our Double Guarantee. In addition to the no-risk 21-day trial, we guarantee your success. If by the time you’ve completed the program you have not earned the equivalent of your course fees through your published work, we’ll issue you a full refund. It’s as simple as that. Our course is designed for your success and we back up that promise to you with an iron-clad guarantee that’s been in place for over twenty years.

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