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How to Write a Blog

When you’re launching your business, your website is a crucial element that you don’t want to neglect. This is how over 90% of clients will find you at first and you can bet most of them will make up their minds about the quality of your services within a few seconds of reaching your site.

Writing Tips

Creative Non Fiction – A Genre Whose Time Has Come?

At CreativeNonFiction.org, the gurus describe their field as, “true stories well told.” Simply put, that is precisely what creative non fiction is all about. Well done, gurus! As they say: “You can’t make this stuff up!” It’s not pure fiction springing from the author’s imagination. It’s not a dry statement of facts. It is a […]

A preview of Damian Magnay's new book, King of the Mekong.

Graduate Spotlight

Graduate Writing Excerpt: Damian Magnay’s King of the Mekong

Damian Magnay is a graduate of Winghill’s Novel Writing course. Enjoy this excerpt from his recently published novel, King of the Mekong. Great job, Damian!

Book Club

It’s July!

At ease? Relaxing on the deck? Glass of wine in hand? Good book to read?
The truth is, a writer is never completely at ease.


Memories Are Made of This III

Read excerpts from the diary of a young man in the trenches of the First World War.


Memories Are Made of This II

In our second in a three part series on the importance of memories and the joy of reporting them to others, we take a look at some memories written recently that almost unwittingly bring back to life the details of an era more than eighty years old.

Book Club, Featured

Summer Time and the Reading Is Easy

Yeaaah! Summer has finally arrived and we can all look forward to a little slowing down and relaxing. What are your favorite kinds of books for the summer? We love a good thriller or two or three. Something for romantic in all of us? And coming in to Labor day, if we must, I guess […]

Featured, Writing Tips

Proofreading?? What a drag! Must I?

Are you James Patterson? The world’s best selling author does not even have to write his own books, let alone proof read them. He just comes up with fabulous and compelling idea after fabulous and compelling idea, writes ‘em down in a careful and detailed synopsis and then passes that on to one of his […]